About Grace

Singer | Songwriter

Grace is a lifelong singer-songwriter and musician.

Between pursuing her degree in music with an emphasis on songwriting, performing as a featured artist in the local music scene, and teaching private piano lessons, Clark devotes her artistic energy towards writing her original compositions.

Her latest EP, Daydream, is a significant departure from her debut release, 17, demonstrating an evolution of writing into a realm much more unbounded. Featuring masterful performances from bandmates Josh Blas, Cooper Cook, and Gehrig Loughran, Daydream comes to life as a holistic and genre-defying offering.

Listeners can expect introspective lyricism and acoustic, rhythmically driven arrangements that draw from a range of singer-songwriter and contemporary jazz influences.

Follow Grace on social media to keep up with live performances and a catalog of original music.


Portrait by Elle Jaye

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